Paul Lelieveld designs furniture.
Lelieveld creates exclusive pieces that individually make a special statement, adding unique flavour to any interior. This timeless style weaves seamlessly with other styles and types of interiors.

Paul Lelieveld effortlessly portrays 'Timeless Chic for a Personal Style'.

Lelieveld has been designing since launching his exclusive interior design salon in Amsterdam in the early nineties, the undisputed hub for editors and stylists. Ten plus years later he was ready for change and Morocco beckoned.

There was a passion for this country - Tradition, culture, colour and artisans surround the senses. To this day he loves the life he lives. It shows in his designs, where touches of Morocco have emerged, influences that enhance this creative journey.

Design, development and production are all based in Morocco, however Paul Lelieveld and his business partner, Jos Goede take an international approach. There is a website, shipping on request, and individual consultation is available.

Clients are also more than welcome ( by appointment ) in our warehouse on Singel 64 in Amsterdam.

This is all about innovation - In furniture, Interior Decoration, re-styling and make-overs. For retail, hotels and private residences - Individually and timeless classics.


Paul Lelieveld would like to thank photographer Kasia Gatkowska. www.kasiagatkowska.com